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Adult Fitness Classes: Great Results Don't Come Easy!

Power Tae Fitness Kick Boxing

Power Tae is a high energy aerobics fitness class designed to get you in shape and stay in shape.  Your overall health is the goal; feeling good and looking good are the results.

Specially designed by 14 time Taekwondo World Champion Grand Master Jong Gul Park, Power Tae like it's predessor Tae Bo, works the core by using kickboxing. cardio-weight movements and Taekwondo principles all done to high energy music.  Grand Master Park believes that weight loss must be accompanied by gains in strength and stamina.  Each class is designed to optimize success thru group and individual effort.

This is a tough and disciplined class, lead by 4th degree black belt Master Cynthia Markopulos she will give you the means and understanding to help your body detoxify at the same time nurturing the proper development both physically and mentally.

We will give you the community to flourish in.  You must give us your best effort.  If you like Tae Bo you'll love this class. We promise you will have fun!


power_tae_right power_tae_scheduleFirst Class is Free power_aerobics_collage

Try us out with our no-risk, free Martial Arts Trial Program.

Power Tae Fitness will be one of the best decisions you ever make!


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